Welcome to JOUR 3155!


— Review syllabus & introductions: Please comment on this post with the following information: Your name, year in school, hometown, hopes for this class and your dream job post graduation.

— Info on Murphy News Service

— Discussion: Gun map story & Washburn incident 

Activity: Planning a story package for bike-car collision report (Be prepared to discuss the following: 1) What’s the news? 2) What do you do for the web? 3) What do you do for a print package?


The Newseconomics of the Body Shop
Sports journalism faces moment of truth
— Chapter 1 of your textbook


14 thoughts on “Welcome to JOUR 3155!

  1. Hello!
    I’m Michael Geissler and I am a junior here in Journalism, Leadership, and Business Marketing Education. I’m from Chaska, MN and my hopes for this class is to see if I like editing better than reporting (hopefully). Finally, my dream job is to begin a leadership development/consulting organization.

  2. Laura Marrinan
    St. Cloud, MN
    I hope that throughout this class I develop my editing skills and increase the readability of the pieces I write. I also really want to learn more about InDesign!
    My dream job after I graduate is to work for a beauty/fashion publication. I currently write for TWIN Magazine, an online publication here at the University created by the student group FAB. I’d like to write and edit stories about beauty and retailing trends.

  3. Senior

    I hope to get more editing practice overall to hone the skills I already use in my jobs.

    My dream job would be to compile in-depth, investigative reports and present them in slick digital formats on websites full of visualizations I’ve designed myself.

  4. Liz Hustad
    Eden Prairie, MN
    Junior (Journalism & Political Science)

    In this class I want to become more efficient with my writing and editing (especially because I have a habit of writing lengthy sentences…)

    Eventually I want to work with the AP or another wire doing international work. I also think it would be really interesting to write for a foreign paper.

  5. Meghan Ruff
    Born and raised in Enfield, Connecticut.
    I am also studying political science.
    In taking this class, I hope to be able to pursue something that has always been my favorite academic pursuit. I love editing, proof reading, and helping my friends to polish and clean up their writing.
    My dream job would be to work either as the President of the United States, a news anchor, or an editor for a fiction publishing company.

  6. My name is Ally Turnberg and I am in my third year at the University of Minnesota. I have lived in Minneapolis all my life. From this class, I hope to gain a better understanding of AP style and to expand my knowledge of English grammar and experiment with the new editing techniques I will learn throughout the class. My dream job would probably be an editor at a magazine, but I would also love to do some writing and reporting of my own.

  7. Stephen Oman
    Interested in sports, baseball specifically
    Originally from Marinette, WI.
    I hope to learn as much about editing as possible.
    My dream job would be to be a baseball announcer.

  8. Matt Herbert
    Sioux Falls, SD
    I hope to gain and improve upon my editing skills.
    My dream job is to write for National Geographic or an outdoor/travel magazine.

  9. Josie Peterson
    Fargo, North Dakota

    I’d like to become a more capable writer by improving my editing skills.

    Dream job: Political consultant

  10. Hi! My name is Tony Wagner, and I’m a third-year journalism student. I’m originally from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

    This semester, I started a new job as city desk editor at the Minnesota Daily, so I’m hoping this class will supplement my work at the Daily (and vice versa). I’m also excited to learn InDesign.

    In my dreams, I am an R.W. Apple-style reporter, reporting hard news but still covering my other interests (science fiction, hip-hop, the internet) on the side.

  11. I’m Liz Eide and I’m a non-graduating senior from St. Paul. My hopes for this class are to be able to edit things more interesting than my roommate’s papers, and to get a better idea of how the mechanics of editing work across different media. My dream job is to work for a non-profit in suicide prevention.

  12. I’m Danielle Dullinger! Junior Journalism major and I’m minoring in Retail Merchandising and Fashion Studies. I am from the lovely town of St. Cloud, MN. I hope to learn a lot more about editing and work more on AP Style. I have a lot of dream jobs: working for a major newspaper, working for a fashion magazine, or somehow getting involved in sports, preferably the Minnesota Twins!

  13. Nicole Wait
    From Mound, MN
    From this class I hope to become a better writer and editor on different media platforms.
    My dream job is to become sports reporter or a political reporter.

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