Class on Monday, April 15

— Review website critiques lab + other websites we love (VOSD, MinnPost)
— Review readings + look at Quips
— Go over final paper
— Lab: Blog work & review Pulitzer winners 

REMINDER: Wednesday, April 17 we are having Coffee Shop day at the Purple Onion. Guest speaker is Jamie Millard. 🙂


Design isn’t just for the big guys
 Solving the hyperlocal puzzle 
From print to broadcast 

** Assignment for final paper:

You are charged with applying for the editor position at publication of your choosing or crafting a plan for a new publication.The publication must have a print and web component.

In four pages, I want you to detail your attributes as an editor and propose a plan for changing the editorial/digital direction of the publication or, if you are creating a new publication, defining your niche and scope as a new publication. In addition to discussing core editorial content and story ideas, you must discuss a strategy for the print product, digital product(s), social media and other marketing strategies. Be as specific as you can with your ideas for the publication. (80 points// due Monday, May 13 at noon. Please e-mail to Sarah McKenzie at


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