Class on Monday, April 15

— Review website critiques lab + other websites we love (VOSD, MinnPost)
— Review readings + look at Quips
— Go over final paper
— Lab: Blog work & review Pulitzer winners 

REMINDER: Wednesday, April 17 we are having Coffee Shop day at the Purple Onion. Guest speaker is Jamie Millard. 🙂


Design isn’t just for the big guys
 Solving the hyperlocal puzzle 
From print to broadcast 

** Assignment for final paper:

You are charged with applying for the editor position at publication of your choosing or crafting a plan for a new publication.The publication must have a print and web component.

In four pages, I want you to detail your attributes as an editor and propose a plan for changing the editorial/digital direction of the publication or, if you are creating a new publication, defining your niche and scope as a new publication. In addition to discussing core editorial content and story ideas, you must discuss a strategy for the print product, digital product(s), social media and other marketing strategies. Be as specific as you can with your ideas for the publication. (80 points// due Monday, May 13 at noon. Please e-mail to Sarah McKenzie at


Class on Monday, April 8

— Discuss blogs
— Review readings
— Growler story edit

Lab: Work on blogs


Data visualization tools
 Free ebook for preventing/dealing with plagiarism
 How news can compete with cat videos
 5 ways social media benefits writing and language 


— Make at least 18 posts on your blog by May 8.

— Demonstrate a use of social media (FB or Twitter) to promote your blog. If you don’t embed social media widgets on your site, please email me at the end of the course how you used social media to promote your site.

—   Post at least one photo.

—   Post at least one short video that you created with any device of your choosing (smartphone, video camera, etc.)

—   Embed a map on your blog (Google map, etc.)

—   Post one infographic created on a site like or another data visualization site.

Class on Monday, April 1


Ely’s April Fool’s joke 
— Review quiz + readings + headline assignment (Go over MN Data Practices act)
— Go over website/blogging assignment

Art of Web Design short video + tutorial

— Wrap up work on InDesign layout

** Coffee shop day set for April 17 @ the Purple Onion in Dinkytown. Guest speaker will be Jamie Millard. 🙂

** Website/blogging assignment: 75 points


Create a blog with a theme of your choosing using a blogging platform like or If you’re a web wizard, feel free to create on from scratch, too.


• Make at least 18 posts on your blog by May 8.

• Demonstrate a use of social media (FB or Twitter) to promote the blog.

• Post photos, embed on map and at least one short video on the blog.


— Send me the URL for your blog
Why it’s still a good time to be a young journalist
 Review at least three 2012 ONA award winners